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Marketing with Graphics – The NON Lame Way! :)

Tips for Effective Design


Professional graphic designers put their artistic touches on everything you can think of, from CD covers to websites. However, eBook covers can be tricky. Countless covers are out there, and many break the rules of design. A book cover should stand out amongst all the others, it should set a mood for the story, and it should work to establish your brand. Below, you’ll find some tips on designing covers for your free resell rights products.

Set a Mood With Photos


Written words and visual media come together on book covers, and here is your first big problem. If you’re selling a fiction eBook or teaching how does wealthy affiliate work, the reader must envision the world from the writer’s words. The moment you make your cover too literal, you’ll put the image in the reader’s head instead of allowing them to form their own. When you use the best ecover creator and the results are too literal, it spoils the wonderful effects of reading. Make your images abstract, and use metaphors and similes to come up with good ideas.

Pay for Good Photos


If you haven’t been given permission to use an image in your pixel studio fx review, or you don’t know who created it or who owns it, odds are you can’t use it. No one would want someone to steal their writing, and we should strive to show photographers and other artists the same respect. With that said, there are places to get free photos—but really, you’ll get what you pay for. iStock is a good solution for those selling turnkey niche blogs and eBooks. Pricing is reasonable, and the site’s terms of use allow you to use images on covers selling less than 500,000 copies. Make sure you watch this Pixel Studio fx 3.0 review, it’s an amazing piece of software to help grow your business.

Don’t Use Composites


Unless you’re great with GIMP or Photoshop, you should avoid this technique. Photos are all lit from unique angles, with different styles and color saturation’s. Multiple images on an eBook cover will look haphazard, like you cut pictures out of a magazine. Your book is an organized collection of thoughts, and you should use an 3D eBook cover software to ensure that your images are organized as well.

Use Space Wisely


Where layout design is concerned, it’s largely trial and error until you find something that’s balanced and looks like it will work for you. Our eyes are naturally drawn around what they see, and every design element of even the best plr graphics packs competes for the viewer’s attention. For a coach glue teach your tribe design to be successful, you’ll need to give each element room to breathe.